terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2015


Everytime I went to a LYS, I was stunned by the beauty of colors that some yarns had. They were called sock yarn and were fabulous.

But... knitting a sock? That HAD to be hard. Seriously. Dpns, magic loop.... Way too much for my brain! 

Until I heard about a "sockalong". It sounded promising! So I found Christine's blog, "Winwick Mum". And let me tell you... This woman is wonderful. The instructions are so clear even a 5 year old can follow them.

The face of concentration. No, I don't use makeup at home... I was waiting my mom to get ready to go out. I have "one more row" syndrome!

And so... Here I am! Trying very hard, because dpns, my friend... I feel like I am trying to hug an octopus. But I have to see the pattern from the yummy yarn I bought specially for this occasion develop. And my mom says she REALLY wants those socks. *Hand knitted socks... and sweaters... crocheted decoration items for the home... I love this woman to death but she overwhelms me with crafty requests! :D * 

Also, let me brag a little: See this "tube" looking thing? Is my needle holder. Wanna know who made that for me? My grandma! :D She is such a talented lady... All handpainted by herself. She gave me last christmas and I'm in love.

All those details... Perfection. <3 

Next thing I am sure to do? A crocheted sock! :)

Love, Tina 

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  1. You're doing so well with your sock, Tina, and I'm so pleased that you're part of the Sockalong. Love your needle holder, that's a really special gift! xx

    1. Thank you so much Christine! You are a sock wizard! :D