segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2015

A Lacy Blanket

Sometimes, it's sad to finish a project. Sometimes all you can think of is "Oh thank god this is over!", and sometimes all you feel is pride.

This is one of those times. I'm so proud of this blanket. It turned out much, much better than I expected.

You see, I like variegated yarn. It's fun yarn. But not to use in a blanket - or so I thought. I had these very strict rules over what yarn I would always use in blankets and such - at least in blankets made of a bunch of squares or motifs joined together. I had no idea how wrong I was, really!

As it turns out, I had all those balls of cotton, variegated yarn at home. They were in my stash just being there, using space. Thing is, this cotton is not exactly cheap, and I was getting nervous about never using. I had some ideas in the past, but they never really seemed to work.

I was in love with the Victorian Lattice square for quite some time, thinking about what a stunning blanket it would make. But I was thinking about solid colors only! So silly of me. So one day, I was searching for yarn for another project when one of those yarn cakes pop out of nowhere and I thought "you know what? I'm using this right now. I'm going to make that square with this yarn!" As if that was such an amazing idea, right? If I was more open minded, this would have happened ages ago!

So I started, and as my first motif blanket, I have to say, it was lots of work. But I wanted to see the colors mixing and matching, the joins to look perfect, to find the right border. And I loved every second of it.

Believe it or not, I still have yarn left! :)



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