terça-feira, 20 de outubro de 2015

Finishing touches

I love starting and finishing projects. When I start a new project I have so many ideas, so many possibilities, and while the project progresses, I get to try out those things out. It's great.

But when I finish them, I have this bittersweet feeling - Such a pity it's done already.... But hey, now I get to add those little details I wanted to, like buttons, edgings, some emboridery... And I also really enjoy sewing the ends. I like sewing, that's all :)

With this cute cardi, it was my first time ever making sleeves. I made the sleeves using dpns, and no sewing up was needed. It was quick and sweet. I also had such a great time choosing the buttons! I have simple, but tons of colorful buttons, so it's always fun when I get to use them. If you want to make this pattern, click here! The pattern it's not mine.

Also, my blanket is almost, aaaalmooost done.... I'm on the edging. And every round I complete, I get even more happy about the edge I choose - It's going to look great!!! Can't wait to show it to you all.


Tina :)

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