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Almost Spring Hat Pattern

I present to you my very first knitting design!

When I got the yarn for my cowl, mom loved the color I chose. She kept asking me to knit a hat for her since last year, so... I thought now was the perfect time! I had the right color, all I needed was a pattern. After talking to her (she had a lot of ideas, mind you), I was able to start creating the design. And here it is!

What you will need -

For the hat:
Worsted weight yarn, 1 skein
3.50 mm needles, DPNS or circular (size of needles can be changed to adjust gauge)
Needle for sewing in ends

For the flower:
Worsted weight yarn
5mm hook
Needle to sew the flower on hat.


**To make garter stitch in the round, purl one row, and then knit another row. Simple as that!

**When you are making the crown, you can skip the garter row if you want to, and just knit. But, if you want to continue the pattern, and find yourself having to decrease in a purl row, do not despair: Follow the exact same instructions, only switching the K for the P. So, instead of K6, you P6 - And instead of K2tog, just P2tog.

**You can use circular needles - Just make sure to have dpns of the same size for when you are making the crown!

CA - Cast on
K - Knit
P - Purl
sts - Stitches
K2tog - Knit 2 stitches together
Ch - Chain
Sk - Skip
dc - Double Crochet
sc - Single Crochet

Gauge:10cm - 18sts (In stockinette)  



Cast on 96 sts, and divide them across 3 needles (32 sts on each needle.)

Make 13 rounds of K2, P2 ribb. (If you do not want to fold the ribb, make less rounds)

K for 8 rounds, make one round of garter. K for another 8 rounds, another one round of garter. Repeat until you have 15/16 cm.


K6, k2tog around
K one round
k5, k2tog around
K one round
K4, k2tog around
K one round
K3, k2tog around
K one round
K2, k2tog around
K one round
K1, k2tog around
K one round
K2tog around

Do not bind off - Thread yarn in the sewing needle and then pass the needle inside all remaining sts. Give it a tigh pull to close the top of the hat, then sew all ends.

Flower -

Ch 48. Sk1, sc, sk1, 5dc in same ch, repeat. When you are done, fold. This will form the flower. Attach to the hat and you are done!

You can sell items made with this pattern, but do not sell the pattern itself. Do not claim as your own - if you want to feature in your site, please, link back to my blog. Copyright by Betina Juchem Clemens 2015. 

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  1. This is a lovely hat. The flower detail really makes it special. Thanks for sharing your pattern! xx