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Hotpad/Potholder Pattern

I love making potholders and hotpads. Honestly, I love crochet for decoration... And since cooking is a little hobby of mine, filling the kitchen with my own creations is a must!

After I created the Círculo in a Square pattern, I knew I wanted to make something different with it. Not a blanket... Or to use it for a garment. Then it clicked - Decoration! For my kitchen! :)

Not only it looks cute, it's also useful. I do enjoy that!


I used the same yarn and hook I used to make the squares - Anne yarn and a 3.00m hook. 

sc- Single crochet stitch
Sl st - Slip stitch
st -Stitch
Ch - Chain
dc -Double crochet stitch

First, make 4 squares of the Círculo in a Square pattern. You can find the pattern here. Use the colors you wish!

After that, join them together - For this hotpad, I used a sc join. It's very simple - Just crochet the borders of the squares together with single crochet stitches. Use the color you wish - In my case, I used this bright blue color. It makes for a beautiful contrast with the white!


Round 1- With the desired color (Again, I used the same color I used for the join, but you can use your imagination!), Ch1. Then, sc around. In the corners of the squares, make 1 sc on the dc st before the 2ch - then ch3. Inside the 2ch space, make 1 sc. Continue the pattern like this - Sc in each st, make corner, sc in each st - Repeat around.

Round 2 - Sc around, but for the border, make: 1sc inside 3ch of previous round, ch3, sc inside ch3 of previous round. Repeat around.

Round 3 - Same as round 2. Then, weave ends.

After you are done with the border, join new yarn in the ch3 space of round 3. It can be whatever color you chose - I used white. Ch 25, then make a sl st inside the ch3 space. Weave ends, and it's ready to be used!

You can sell items made with this pattern, but do not sell the pattern itself. Do not claim as your own - if you want to feature in your site, please, link back to my blog. Copyright by Betina Juchem Clemens 2015. 

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