quinta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2015

Summer in Winter

It's the middle of August. Here in Brazil that means lots of cold. Not this year though... I'm wearing shorts and t-shirts the whole week! Last year, at the same time, I was wearing two coats, wool socks, cozy pants....

I'm not a fan of the heat, really. Worst, I'm not a fan of holding yarn in my hands while it's hot, so my knitting and crochet always suffer when it's this hot.

But I'm trying really hard not to do that right now. So about two days ago, I made this adorable bookmark. I'm in dire need of those at the moment, I'm sure I will be making more!

So easy, so effective :) I wish I had blocked properly, though. I'm so bad at blocking! It has this cute little lace pattern...

The yarn I used is the same yarn that I made my first socks with. Loved the stripes!

Other than that, things have been slow. I started a baby vest but frogged after it was quite clear the yarn would not be enough... A shame! Will have to use another color.

I've been crocheting a lot these past few days. I made that potholder, and I'm making flower motifs for a blanket... Maybelle flowers, to be more exact. It will take a while to get that blanket done, but making those flowers has such a calming effect.

My craft space is also in need of a few changes... I need more light, more color, useful things in easy to find places. As I make the changes, I will post them here. Little by little, I want to transform that place :)

Love, Tina

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