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Círculo in a Square pattern!

For a few weeks I had this idea for a square in mind, but my stitch count was never really right. As a rule in life, things happen you least expect - And after a long day, I got everything perfect without even thinking!

Círculo means "circle" in portuguese - I am pretty happy with the way the circles stand out in the pattern.

A few notes before we begin: 

1- This was made with cotton thread for a 1,75mm crochet hook, but I used a 3.00mm one.

2- If you are using yarn and let's say, a 4.00mm hook (or bigger), it's best if you don't make round 7. It would turn out very big.

3- As with any crochet piece, this looks better if you block it!

4- This pattern is written with the american crochet terminology.


tr -Treble crochet
dc -Double crochet
sc -Single crochet
hdc - Half double crochet
sk - Skip
sl -Slip stitch
st -stitch
ch - Chain
mg -Magic ring
* * - Repeat


1- Make a magic ring. Ch1, make 16 sc inside mg.

2- Ch5, sk 1 st, 1 dc in sc, ch2, *sk 1 st, 1dc in sc, ch2* around, make a sl st in ch3 of 5 to close round.

3- Ch3, 2d, ch1, *3dc inside 2ch space, ch1* around, close with a sl st in first ch on ch3.

4- Ch5, 1sc on ch1 space, *1sc on ch1 space*, repeat around, close with a sl st in third chain of ch5.

5-  Ch2, 3dc, 2tr, 3dc, 1hdc, sc on sc of round 4, c3, sc on ch5 space, ch3, sc on sc, *1hdc, 3dc, 2tr, 3dc, 1hdc in ch5 space, sc on sc of round 4, ch3, sc on next ch5 space, sc on sc* repeat around, close with a sl st on second ch of ch2,

6 - Ch3 (counts as one dc), *dc on each st, dc on tr, ch2, dc on tr, sk sc, 3dc on ch3 sp*  around, close with a sl st in third chain of ch3.

7 - Ch3 (counts as one dc), *dc on each st, on ch2 space, make: (1dc, ch2, 1dc), dc on each st* cose with a sl st on third st of ch3.

And now you have your square! The best thing about motifs is that you can make everything with them - The possibilities are endless! :)

Love, Tina

You can sell items made with this pattern, but do not sell the pattern itself. Do not claim as your own - if you want to feature in your site, please, link back to my blog. Copyright by Betina Juchem Clemens 2015. 

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