segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2015

Making Gifts...

For a long time now, I wanted to make a gift for grandma. Grandma Zaira, that is. Grandma Clara has already got lots of gifts from me! So you can imagine how guilty I felt about this.

I love both of my grandmas so much - They're equally awesome. Most of my crafting skills comes from them.

Also, I wanted to use the new crochet book I bought a few weeks ago. So many pretty motifs... So many wonderful ideas!

So, I chose one of the motifs and made a flower tablerunner! The petals in the center are made with popcorn stitch, to give a bit of texture to the flower - And for the central part, I used different colors. In the end, I used 10 motifs, made with a 5.5mm hook and cotton yarn.

One of the best things about being a crocheter is the fact that I can make home decorations with hook and cotton! :D  I'm sure all of you can agree with me on this - It's wonderful to play with colors and shapes, and be able to make your house look a bit more like you!

Best of all? Grandma loved it. I got tons of hugs and kisses :)

Love, Tina

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