segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2015

I Miss the Sun!

Sun, where art thou? Honestly, since june, the only thing that happens here is rain rain and more rain. And while I do love a afternoon of rain, cold, knitting and tea, this is waay too much!

In any case, because of all this rain, I'm staying at home a lot more time. And what does that mean? Knitting/crocheting, of course!

I finished a set of crocheted coasters... For a friend. I will only post photos when she gets them! ;D

Little sis sock is coming along nicely... And I love, love the colors this yarn has. It's bright, fun, funky!

Also, for the first time ever, I did some knitting colorwork in the roud, for a baby hat. And it was not only easy - It was also lots of fun. Can't wait to start more complicated projects, with lots of color.

Something else that was pretty cool this last week - I went to the bookstore and while looking at the books and magazines, I found this wonderful spanish craft magazine! Ganchillo is a collection of the best knitting/crochet patterns from Labores del Hogar... My spanish is no longer rusty! (Yes, brazilian people do not speak spanish - I honestly don't know why so many people would think that, hahaha :) ) There are so many beautiful patterns and ideas inside - A treat!

Now, all I need is a bit of sun to make things perfect.

Love, Tina

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