quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2015

Lots of things!

When it comes to projects, I'm not the most "controlled" person. I make one, two, sometimes 6 or 7 projects at the same time. This way, I'm always interested - There's always something new and different that needs my attention. I don't care if I finish them now or 2 months from now - As long as I'm having fun, that's what matters!

This month will not be different, I'm afraid... I finished a pair of simple baby booties and will start a baby vest today. Another sock is coming along nicely and I'm making a new pattern - (my very first knitting desing) a hat for mom. I also want to make something that requires sleeves... I've never made a garment that needs sleeves. Since I'm really enjoying working in the round, I want to try that out!

But, I did finish my cowl - I can't wait for this crazy weather to get colder, so I can use it. Working with cables is quite magical - From such a simple process, we see these different designs, new textures, coming alive. If you want to make a cowl just like this one, you can find the pattern here. :)

All this, and then there's school - and gaming. If it was not for Skyrim, I could be done with mom's hat by now, I'm not joking!

I'm also trying really hard to control this urge to make a thousand of different crochet potholder patterns. I have the yarn... The perfect yarn. But we already have so many of those... Argh, it's been hard, so hard... If only life was made of hardships like this one :D

Love, Tina

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