sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2015

Baby colors, blankets and toadstools!

It's a shame it's been so hot here recently - When holding the yarn for too long we start to get sweaty hands and that is not nice at all! So my projects are going quite slow lately.

I finished the lacy blanket and already started the next blanket - this one is for grandma. Se gave me tons of yarn, so I can create whatever design I want to. Since I never joined small squares, I thought why not?

I'm using this pattern, by Sandra Paul of the Cherry Heart blog. It's simple but it looks so cute!

I'm in the process of deciding if I'm going to use other squares, or just this one. If I'm going to make them in solid colors and/or mixed. This is the fun, creative part, that I love so much.

Also, I got a new book, since I'm crocheting far more blankets that I thought I ever would. It's by Edie Eckman and it's called Around the Corner - Crochet Borders. There are so, but so many beautiful designs inside that book! I can spend hours just looking at everything.

On a side note - I'm knitting a wreath! I just made some toadstools for it. Aren't those adorable? You can find the pattern here - I reccomend it! It's much more easier than it looks :D



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