quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2015

My Sister's Blanket

I've made two blankets so far. One for my mom, one for me. My sister never asked for one, until I asked if she would want a blankie just for her. She said yes, so here I am!

Those are the left over yarns from the blanket I made for me. She liked the colors, so I might use a few. That beautiful green yarn has not been used yet - I bought it two years ago! Shame on me.

It's going to be my first square blanket. I have joined squares before, but never like this. Excited to see how it's going to be!

Right now I'm making different squares and choosing patterns. If I like them, I join them together. So every time I try a new pattern, I have to think very carefully about the color I want to use next. I'm loving this challenge!

Mixing lace squares with more solid ones is what I want to do here. Can't wait to see the progression of this! This is why new projects are so amazing - Your brain just never stops.

Love, Tina

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