quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2015

A Very Happy Afternoon

Today I had literally, nothing important to do. Just had to make lunch and that was it. It has been so long I felt that good when I had a day just for myself! 

What did I do? I crafted. Oh yes.

Knitted more squares for my memory blanket; Choose colors for my new design; Choose motifs and took pictures of everything. I spent the whole day in the garden, with the company of my lovely boxer, Mel. She's my love. While I knitted and choose colors, she slept. Actually, she snored. Perfect indeed! :D

For my new project, I want to use that cotton thread you see in the first picture. It's soft and color fast, lovely to work with. 

 This book here is my life saver. It belonged to my great grandmother, then my grandmother, and now, me! It's full of stitches (crochet, knitting and afghan crochet), borders and motifs (crochet). 

This is a little something from my garden, planted by my little sister. She is so talented, and plants are her passion. 

Love, Tina 

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