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Why I Love Making Blankets

Blankets are one of the best things in the world. There's nothing better than wrapping yourself up on a  blanket during a very cold winter's night, with a mug of coffee on one hand, and a book on the other. Or maybe, crocheting. Or knitting. Or just watching your favorite tv show. 

I develop these very intense relashionships with my blankets. During winter I look like an infant; If I go to the couch to watch tv, my favorite blanket goes with me. If I go to bed, my blanket stays there with me by my feet, even if it's just to look pretty. I can't help it! 

When I started to crochet back in 2013, making a blanket was not on my plans. I mean, such a huge project! I had my doubts. No way I was ever going to finish something that big. 

Oh boy, how wrong I was! The first blanket I made was last year, and it was made of yarn scraps. It's not pretty, but my mother stole it from me at the moment it was finished; It became her blanket. And she loves it. 

This year, I was tired of taking my bedspread and carrying around the house with me. (Yes, I actually did that. For years.) So, I started a new blanket: My blanket. 

There's something magical at using something you made, or seeing others using the things you made. You create those blankets (or cowls, sweaters, vests, mitts, hats) with so much love and care, they are like a part of you. And there's nothing better than seeing them being put to good use. 

Now I just can't stop making them. I'm starting a blanket for my little sis, after that, I think I'm making one for my little cousin. Who knows? I might as well make blankets for everyone in the family. :)

Love, Tina 

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