quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2015

So.Many.Projects! *May 2015*

I'm not a normal person. If I was unsure about it before, now I just know it. Maybe it's me driving my anxiety to different things - and if that's what is happening, then this is actually a really good thing. But... This month has been crazy when it comes to my projects. I started socks, hats, blankets, scarves and a lacy table runner. I knitted and crocheted more than ever. I thought making a post about what I've been making would be nice. :)

1- Basic Baby Hat 

This one was such a joy to make - I even learned how to make pompoms just for it!Now I need a blue one for my baby cousin. :) * Project page - you can find the pattern here.*

2 -Sockalong Winwick Mum

I have said many things about this wonderful sockalong in older posts. I finished my pair of socks but for my sadness, I had to frog them. Why? I only had 3,50mm dpns, and needed smaller needles. I was not able to find them here in the yarn stores we have where I live. :( But I will get the smaller dpns soon enough! :) *Project page - find the pattern here*

3 - Isabela's Blanket 

This has been such a wonderful project. It's almost done, but part of me wish I had started the blanket now. This is how much I love making it! I hope my sister likes it too :) *Project page*

4 - I See Hearts 

I have a big trunk in my bedroom, It used to be filled with toys when I was a kid. Now I'm 21 and don't play with dolls anymore, but it's a good wooden trunk and I will paint it white (because it's pink, and decorated with dolls and yellow hearts.) and use it as a nightstand. I wanted to make a doily for it - But not round. So I decided to choose a stitch and make a lacy table runner instead! But I'm not so sure about this. Let's see how it goes. The hearts sure are cute though! *Project page*

5 - Memory Blanket 

I can't stop knitting this blanket, it's so relaxing and such a simple project. I take it everywhere with me, and people always say how cool the pattern is. *Project page - find the pattern here*

6 - Another Blanket

And I think I might be starting another blanket. I made one for me, for my sister, and the memory blanket is for charity. Why do I want to make another blanket? Because I have TONS of cotton yarn in this house. Top quality cotton yarn. I haven't really used it yet because I had not found the perfect pattern for it. I got many of those skeins for my birthday last year - god only knows how much money they spent in all of this. I would not be able to AFFORD making a blanket with this yarn! The only thing I would have to buy to complete the blanket would be white skeins, 2 or 3, but that's minimal. And I already have a pattern in mind! :) 

7 - Lacy Scarf

Oh well.... no photo for this one because I have frogged it so many times looking for the perfect pattern. The yarn I chose is beautiful though! :D

That was quite a list, right? :) 

Love, Tina 

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