terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2015

The row that almost never was

Phew! That was what I thought when I finished the row and saw I has enough yarn for it. Oh, the terror….

Just imagine (or have you been through it as well?) this: You have only one skein of that wonderful color left. You used quite a lot of that skein already. To be exact, over 2 thousand double crochet stitches were made with that same skein (I did my math!!).  And yet, you want to use it again, to make at least another thousand double crochet stitches.

What do you do? You go on with it, of course. Because you’re crazy, and because you really want that row. You need that row.

You make no plans – you just hope the yarn will be enough. You wish from the bottom of your heart that you will NOT have to continue the row with another color. You even pray.

Then, you notice you are almost there – the end. The joy! Even better – there will be yarn left.

For me, that’s what success really means! :D 

My day was great. Not only because of the row incident that ended very well - my little sister stayed home with me. She had no school today - They were having math tests for a competition, and she takes after her big sister - terrible at math. So she had the whole day for herself.

We took pictures, she read while I crocheted. I made her some homemade chantilly and we talked about many things. 

The sun was shining, there was laughter and yarn. I look forward to many other days just like this one. :)

Love, Tina

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