sexta-feira, 5 de junho de 2015

Bela Blanket Pattern

This blanket was such a joy to make. I loved choosing the colors, getting myself a bit nervous, and even sewing all the ends.

The fact that I used different yarns made sure that there was never a dull moment. Most importantly, my sister loved it!

As soon as it was finished, she snatched the blanket from me and started using it. To think, it starts with a granny square!

Oh, crochet. For me, it's the most wonderful craft that exists. Yes, I love knitting just as much, but there is something about crochet.... <3

I used worsted, bulky and aran yarns to make the blanket. The border was made with DK yarn. I went for bright colors, because my sister asked for that. I used each color for two rounds, as I found that it would make the colors stand out more.

Have in mind that using different yarn weights can make your blanket bigger or smaller! Mine ended up quite big - 90cm wide and 90cm large.

Well, here's the pattern page on Ravelry, I made a PDF for it, as I always do.

Enjoy making your blanket! :D

Love, Tina

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