domingo, 7 de junho de 2015

Just my kind of day

Oh, grandma and grandpa's house. It's been the same since I was born - they bought it (back! because they had lived there years before) when I was still a little baby. Even then, it has been the place of wonderful childhood memories and family gatherings. Every birthday, every Christmas, mom's and father's day - We know we will all see each other at grandma's house. Not to mention the barbecues we have on sundays or saturdays.

My grandpa is an artist. He doesn't think so, but he is. He draws wonderfully and is a hell of a landscaper. He created the most beautiful gardens. There are three big gardens at their house. One around the pool - one on the back side of the house, and the other in the front side. He has not payed a penny for anyone at all - He made them all himself, with the help of grandma. And they loved making it, just as much as they love taking care of it. It's therapy for both of them.

And what is the oldest grandchild to do? She knits in those gardens, of course. She listens to the sound of the birds, looks at the flowers and colorful plants, the blue sky, and knits.

I make myself a cup of tea, grab my project and just sit there. I raid my grandma's cupboard for some new flavors of tea - She always has the best tea ever. Selecting one is always the hardest part. This sunday I went for a tea of camomile, honey and vanilla. As if I needed to be more relaxed! :)

Grandpa is a perfectionist. (Everyone says I got that from him, btw.) Every little detail matters. One of my favorite parts of the garden are the table and chairs he bought. I look at it and can see so many shapes, so many lacy patterns!

Not to mention Mister Frog and Willy the Hedgehog. Those two have been there forever, and the kids love them. Well, the only little kid we have in the family now is my little cousin Lucas (which is a miracle, Kids came in pairs in this family. There was me and my cousin, then my sister and our cousin Arthur. No child was ever without a friend!) and he loves them. "Oooh, the frog!" he says. He can't really say hedgehog yet. :)

This was the best way to start June. I hope more sunday's are just like this one. :)

Love, Tina

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