domingo, 14 de junho de 2015

Winter *is* coming!

I can feel it in my bones... Hahaha, no, not really. But sure it's getting colder! Not that I mind. I love the cold - I get to knit/crochet much more than I would if it was summer.

I've been making a lot of new things lately - My maybelle square blanket is slowly starting to come alive, and I am trying to create a new pattern. Also, look what I got in the mail! 

Awesome Nicki sent this to me as a gift. I was having a hard time finding the craft supplies I needed here to my socks - and then, like a fairy godmother, she sent me this lovely parcel. I mean, just look at that yarn!

I got to the heel today - Can't wait to finish this pair of socks. :D

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