segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2015

Simple moments

The sun is shining bright outside... But the wind is strong and very, very cold. I wanted to go outside, sit by the sun and knit, but that's just not happening - not today, at least. It's a bit annoying, since I love listening to the birds and I do like the sound of the wind, but today my couch must be my best friend.

My sock is so beautiful - the yarn is very pretty, with all those colors... The pattern is starting to show, and it's very cute. All I want is more sock yarn, just like that!

One of my favorites parts of sock making is turning the heel - it's a shame it goes so fast!

I also realized I have so much crochet thread, I might as well do something with it. I'm just not sure about what yet. But I have so many different colors! It looks like a rainbow of sorts.

This weekend I got more sock yarn! I'm not sure about the pattern yet. Stripes or fair isle? The jury is still out on that one :D

I'm also starting new patterns... Hats and cowls. Maybe a crochet doily too. When the cold starts, I love staying at home with a hot cup of coffee and knitting my days away... <3

Love, Tina

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