sexta-feira, 19 de junho de 2015

Yarn Butterflies

The pleasure I had this week consisted in sitting in front of my computer and searching for new music. I do this at least once a month - music keeps me going! While I did that, I knitted and drank my coffee. There's something magic into closing my eyes while holding my needles and just listening to that special song I just found - It feels like heaven :)

I also crocheted some tiny flowers and butterflies - and sew them on a baby top I made. I so loved the result... Maybe I will start making tiny gardens to sew on the cardis? The possibilities are endless!

For a few weeks now I have searched for a cowl pattern - nothing fancy, something simple and quick. I was going to use a beautiful blue dk yarn I had bought... Until something clicked.

Back in '13, when I started knitting, grandma Zaira gave me her whole stash. I'm not kidding - she did that. Within all that yarn, I found this wool silk blend. I never used it - it's so beautiful, I had no idea how to use it. But now, there's that cowl pattern... I hope 100grams is enough!

I do love that green. Because I have brown hair, dark green looks good on me. But every time I was about the start the pattern, I had to do something else. Or my mom called, or my sister wanted me to do something... The joys of family, haha. :)

I HAVE to start that, though. I just have to!

Also, this week was so somber... Everyday the sky was overcast, and it rained a lot. How happy I was when I saw that we had sun today? So much happines!!

Here's a flower to celebrate. :D

Love, Tina

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