quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2015

From Simple to Cute (And a note about baby tummies)

One of the things I love the most about knitting/crochet is how you can let your mind wander and just create. You can alter any pattern (provided you have the skill - and that's why it's so much fun to learn new things) and make all the changes you want. No pattern will ever be executed the same - And the final product will always be something unique.

And that is the reason behind making this baby vest. I knit a lot for charity, and this is what this vest is for. It is a great and easy pattern, good for begginers. But for me, it looked a bit too simple. So I thought, what could I do to change that, but keeping the pattern intact? (The vest pattern is not mine - It's by Marianna Mel. I'm trying to find the link and when I do, I'll uptade this space.)

Crochet was the answer. I have lots of thread in my stash, but I never use them. It feels like such a waste! I had this idea months ago, when I did this baby cardi. So it just clicked - Why not do that again, but with a little more details this time? (By details I mean more work. And by more work, well... Let's just say it can be challenging!)

So I started crocheting flowers. I made a long slip stitch foundation in green - For grass! I made one tiny leaf, and three butterflies with antennae.

The actual work is having to sew all that to the vest. It took me two or three hours to finish, and for me, it's still not "perfect". Still, I'm learning - And I liked what I did so far!

I can only hope one little baby will be happy to have butterflies and flowers covering his/her tummy - Because that has to be the cutest thing to ever exist, after tiny finger and toes. Even puppies come after baby tummies! And gosh, puppies are darn cute :)

Love, Tina

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