segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2015

Candy Colors Baby Blanket - Finished!

Back in october, grandma gave me lots of yarn. I had asked for a few baby pastels because I had none of those in my stash. Little did I know, around the same time, my cousin's wife found out she was pregnant!

As we had no idea what the baby was (boy or girl), I started making the blanket using lots of random colors. I used pink and purple too, because only mint, blue and white seemed quite plain to me. And honestly, boys can like pink too, right? :)

After I got word it was a little girl, I used a lot more of the pink and purple. I also decided I was going to use a lacy border - perfect for every little girl!

For the squares, I used the Rosie Posie Granny Square pattern by Sandra Paul of the Cherry Heart blog - thanks so much for sharing this lovely square with all of us!

The border was a different thing, though. I used the sc join for the squares, and thought making three rows of sc for the border was a nice touch. Indeed it was, but I wanted something more. It was already cute - now I wanted a bit of a classic crochet touch. Best of both worlds, right?

Well, I got the Around the Corner - Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman book for my birthday. There are just SO MANY borders, it's very hard to choose one! I think at some point, I had three on my mind. Later I realized I needed something a bit different, and then border 38 appeared in my face as if magic! I highly recommend this book for any crocheter.

And the rest is history! Even better, it will be. I cannot wait to get a picture of baby Laura in a few months from now, wrapped around in her blankie.



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