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A Lace Story - Ajur Cowl Pattern

So, if you have read this blog before, you will know that looong ago, I started a lace scarf. A simple project using a stunning yarn.

I was my first time with lace. I have made eyelets and simple lace before, but this was an all lace project.  I had no idea how this would turn out like, but I was excited to use the Drops Delight yarn I got as a present from a friend who lives down under!!!

The search for the right pattern took me quite a while. I was not sure if I wanted to make a cowl or a scarf, but I soon said to myself - something simple, with no shaping. After all I would be having to pay attention to the lace!

So I settled for a scarf. I looked at Ravelry but nothing really caught me eye (Call me crazy!) so I went looking for patterns and stitches on some books both of my grannies have given me.

I finally found the right stitch at a book from the 80's! (I do think it's actually older than that, since it was definitely NOT the first edition!) It was a simple stitch, that is around online for ages (after I knew what to look for, there were thousands of different ways to do this.)

After making a few changes, I started. Not only I used a lifeline, I also used stitch markers. For a 44 stitch scarf!!! I give you the permission to laugh at my extreme caution :D If this is your first time with lace, I urge you to do the same! It will save you from lots of headaches later, trust me.

Lifeline and markers. Silly for such a small project, but highly effective!

I ended up finishing a 50gm skein, and I soon realized I had no more patience. At all. Scarves are great and fun.... Mostly when you are a begginer. Although  I'm pretty sure knitters who have far more experience than me love knitting scarves too. I just found out I need something that shows progress in a different way, and has at least a little bit of shaping. We live and we learn!

So I turned this into a cowl - I knitted a few more rows, and there it was. I actually have no idea why this didn't occurred me earlier - I love using cowls, scarves, not so much!

I'm quite happy with the result! So, here is the link for the pattern. You can use whatever needles and yarn you wish - there's not a gauge for this. In this cowl, I used 3.50mm needles and 1 skein of Drops Delight, 50gm. You can seam the sides and turn into a cowl, or you can just keep knitting and make a scarf! It's really up to what you prefer.

Keep in mind the stitch is not originally my idea! I'm actually trying to find information on the designer, so I can credit her/him properly. Keep your fingers crossed, I really want to find that person and say thank you :)

Have fun knitting this cowl/scarf! I can assure, it's great for begginers and experienced knitters alike!

Thanks for little sister, who took this photo!



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