quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2015

Hotpads and Summer

Ah, brazilian summers. It's beautiful, for sure. The green, the beaches, the sun shining pretty much everyday... And the heat. Oh, it's so hot! For survival purposes it's highly advised that all people have fans. And an ac, because temperatures can go over 40 degrees celsius! 

In those days, I can't knit or crochet much. At least, not with yarn. Cotton helps a lot - it's not as hot as holding wool or acrylic. So, for this project, I used my favorite cotton thread, Anne. 

It's a hotpad I've been in love with for a long time, but never really had the chance of making it. I always have so many WIP's going on! But I'm so happy I found the time. 

It's from By Haafner blog - Haafner has beautiful things in her blog, you need to check it out! I used the popcorn square patter for the front, made 9 rounds. On the back, I used the same pattern, but without the popcorn stitches, also 9 rounds. Joines them together with single crochet stitches and made a simple popcorn border. She has no pattern for it, so I made just by looking at photos of her hotpads. Pretty simple! 

I loved it. Looks vintage, and I LOVE vintage. Also it's a different kind of vintage - most vintage crochet has lace, but this one is not exactly lacy. It does a great job being beautiful anyway. 

Also, I'm pretty happy with the colors I chose! 

Then I got all my hotpads together and made a nice photo! Hope to make even more of those in 2016, so next time I show it here, the whole wall is filled with them. 

Much love,


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