sexta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2016

New Year, New Stuff

What a lovely title! No, really, so many things going on at this point, I have no brain power left!

One thing I'm sure of: I wish you all had a wonderful time with your loved ones, no matter what you celebrate. I hope lovely memories were made!

On to the new stuff, then. I haven't knitted much - aside from a pair of baby booties. More items for the charity box, all right! Also, I had a blast making baby mittens.

I am starting a new baby cardi soon, I hope - Very hot lately to be with yarn around, but it's not like I have a choice. My hands are itching for my needles. We don't really realize how much those can become a part of you until you spent a while without using it! I'll be using this lively green - it's going to be my beach project!

But, the really big news are.... I'm cross stitching. Oh yes! And I'm loving every minute. I made a few little things so far, nothing major. A small heart which I turned into a keychain; A Mario Piranha which will be turned into a keychain for little sis, and this wip. It's a teapot - with hearts! All those were free charts, and really easy ones to follow. Found them all on pinterest :)

As a new cross stitcher, I get to start a whole new stash, buy different supplies, tools, magazines, books... It's all so exciting and interesting. Learning is one of the things I love doing the most, really. The challenge is always there in one way or another - I'm working on getting the back part even, and later on, I want to get better and faster at the stitching.

2016 started great for me, and I hope it was the same to everyone!



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