terça-feira, 15 de março de 2016

Blanket Journey

As I said many times before, blankets are my weak spot. I love making them. The planning is one of the best moments of the journey... But this time, I was quite stuck.

So many ideas, but nothing I really loved. And who wants to spend weeks, sometimes months, doing a design they don't really like? That's just crazy.

I tried mandalas, simple squares, complicated motifs... So far, I THINK I'm on the one. I *think*. I really hope it is, because it's stunning. Big and pretty!

Not going to show this whole motif just yet.... But it has popcorns. LOTS of it. :)

I have a bunch of colorful yarn I'm itching to use, and this will be the first blanket of 2016! I made 4 last year - Maybe I can make 5 this year? Who knows :D

Stay tuned for more - I will be documenting everything here... Not sure why, but I think this blanket will be special.

With love,


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