sábado, 26 de março de 2016

Hop hop!

This is the third easter for my little cousin. He's still a little bit in doubt about what the easter bunny does - all he knows is that he loves chocolate and if a bunny is bringing some, it must be a happy occasion!

With the country going through a recession, we adults are doing our best to insure the ones who really matter in all of this (the children) have a magical day - even if there won't be as many eggs as the years before.

Being honest, all I knew is that I wanted to make little bunny heads to adorn his little nest, as we call it here. We get a pretty basket and stuff it with easter themed chocolate, and hide it. Little ones have to hunt their eggs and nests, which makes for a very fun day :)

So last week I went to the internet to find a cute pattern. Instead, I found this one and was in love with it. I mean, what baby would not love a colorful bunny??

And so I started! It only took me two days, but that's only because I decided to block the body of the bunny before sewing up.

All in all - very easy pattern! Time consuming, but the end result is lovely. I hope little cousin likes his new bunny friend!

And as a bonus, a bunny butt for y'all :)

Have a lovely easter!

Love, Tina

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