quinta-feira, 12 de maio de 2016

Not Enough Time

I've been having so many orders and requests, I barely have time to knit for myself! I have only two projects for me - Fingerless Mitts and a shawl. I'm stuck on the second mitt and no date on the horizon to start the shawl!

First, baby hats for charity; then, a friend of my mom who is having a little one. I finished her hat, but not the cardi yet!

Then, hats - little sister wanted a beret and a cowl, and I got an order for a hat like the Almost Spring Hat, but in red.

I also made grandma a little gift card cozy for mother's day!

All in all, thank god I finished mom's things back in march - I would be going crazy if I had to make them around mother's day, which was last sunday.

I've been knitting so much, my arms hurt a bit and I haven't had time to touch my chemistry books for a test (although, to be honest, I don't really want to... Oh well.)

Well, now that I finished most things - all I have to do now is a cardi, mom's hat for her bday and maybe a little something for little sis - I think I might be able to finally finish my mitts! Can't wait to use them :)

Love, Tina

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